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Mary Carlson Pap, Indy and Bruce

Mary Carlson Pap lives in Minnesota with her husband, Bruce, and their dog, Indy. She was one of six children who grew up in Northern Minnesota, the daughter of a college math teacher and stay-at-home mom. Mary earned a degree in music, art, and education, got married, and had three beautiful daughters.

Once her daughters were all in school, she returned to get her Master's Degree in education. After teaching many years in public schools, Mary transitioned into researching, developing and implementing enrichment and accelerated programs for students. Her research and program development work encompassed Pre-K thru 12th Grade educational programming. Mary also provided educational opportunities for parents during her career.

Mary is the grandma to seven grandchildren. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life — traveling, exercising, reading, playing the piano, biking, having coffee or wine dates with friends, attending concerts and plays, and going to lots of sporting events and activities to cheer her grandkids on!

Mary invented The Potty Fairy in order to help her friend. Later, if a child was struggling with the potty training process, she shared the tale and provided a storybook and a lovely pair of "Potty Fairy pants." She observed that the fairy tale was of interest to every child, who would be delighted to receive the special pair of underwear. The fairy would give the child a Potty Fairy pants or underwear, and a fabric crown, to let them know how special they are and so others could see! The Potty Fairy also leaves surprise rewards when they notice children being successful potty training.

As Mary's daughters grew up, they had babies. Soon the darling babies grew up to be toddlers, and we shared the fairy tale of The Potty Fairy when they were ready to potty train.

Over time, a song and poem were written. Although Mary was busy teaching and raising her beautiful daughters, she still found time for The Potty Fairy. She sold at art fairs and malls and visited a toy company out east.  It was a fun and busy time, and the years went by quickly.

The newest release of The Potty Fairy e-book was illustrated by Artist Britta Quick.

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