About Us

It all started with my friend, Nancy, who was frustrated with her daughter Murriel’s inability to potty train. She had other daughters who were no problem. Nancy would share her frustration with me and would ask me for advice. One night after talking with Nancy, the Potty Fairy visited me in my dreams. The next day I put together a potty training kit for Murriel as I had seen it in my dream. I delivered it to her mom. Within days, Murriel was completely potty trained! Murriel was just the first of many to find potty training success using the Potty Fairy.

Minnesota-based company, Family Stuff, Inc., has long dreamed of this day of getting the Potty Fairy available to more families struggling with potty training, as we have seen it be successful with many families. The company is family-owned and operated by Mary and her daughters, Erin, Elsa and Emily, who have used the Potty Fairy concept with their own children.

Playing Fairies
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