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The Potty Fairy Potty Training Webinar

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The Potty Fairy is happy to offer a Potty Training Webinar to help parents learn about potty training and to help each parent design a plan on how they want to potty train their child.

We believe every child is different and unique in a variety of ways and this calls for a potty training approach that fits for each individual child and their parent. You design the potty training program that you want to provide for your child.

Our webinar presentation guides a parent through a number of steps so that a unique potty training plan can be designed by you. We dive into these following topics:

  • Basic Potty Training
  • Parent and Child Readiness
  • Environment and Equipment
  • A Review of Methods
  • Potty Training Multiples
  • Rewards/Praise and Celebrations
  • Differentiating the Methods for Your Child
  • Potty Training Anxiety

The webinar overview takes about 60 minutes. During this time information is presented to the parents and notes are jotted down. By the end of the presentation, you will have an idea of how you want to proceed and what you need to do. The presentation concludes with a 30 minute Q and A so that you can clarify any questions you may have regarding your plan. The total time of webinar is 90 minutes or an hour and a half.

Our webinars have a maximum enrollment of 100 and a minimum enrollment of 25. We can discuss your unique needs via email. We provide follow-up consultation with all interested participants. In addition, we give each webinar participant a “The Potty Fairy” e-book and mp3 music download for your device.

If you are interested in organizing a Potty Training Webinar for a group of parents or for your organization, please complete the contact form and we will email you back. We are happy to provide bios of presenters for your planned event so that parents have information regarding the presenters of the webinar.

Baby with Blanket Mom Helping Baby

Parent Webinar Comments:

“So helpful.”

“Very informative.”

“Thank you so much for the webinar tonight. I think it was very
informative for our members.”

Appreciate the follow- up support you gave me.”

“Thank you so much. It makes sense.
It's so reassuring talking to someone who's an expert in the
subject. I was feeling at a loss. “

“Thank you for keeping the conversation going.”

Webinar Presenters

Promoting positive potty training experiences for parents and children:



Elsa is the Trainer and RBPD Outreach Coordinator at Child Care Aware of Minnesota. Elsa graduated from the University of Minnesota with a dual BA in Global Studies and Spanish. She oversees and coordinates the contract work for their office. She lives near the Twin Cities.

Elsa worked in various elementary schools within the Minneapolis Public School district, working with English language learners and with families. After seven years as a stay at home mom to her four children, and birth doula, she returned to work outside the home, joining Child Care Aware to support the early childhood field’s trainers and specialists. She enjoys providing educational opportunities for parents of young children.



Mary lives right outside The Twin Cities in Minnesota. Mary has a degree in Music, Art and Elementary Education and received her Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in Counseling from the University of Maine. Mary’s 30 years in public education were primarily focused on educational research, program development, and program implementation. Facilitating parents support groups was a highlight.

Mary created The Potty Fairy and is enjoying her available time to develop the concept further and share it with interested parents. She is grateful for parents who want to learn about potty training and would love to connect with you. Join her to learn more about potty training with The Potty Fairy webinar.

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