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What Parents are Saying About “The Potty Fairy”!

“Darling book! Great idea!”

“Such a helpful tool for potty training!”

“It is cute and a fun potty training book!”

“You’re child will love the story! Must have for potty training.”

“An asset in a critical process.”

“The Potty Fairy story is child-centered and fun-loving. The book is racial diverse and inclusive.”
“The best part of using the Potty Fairy, is the anticipation of a visit from the fairies, much like the tooth fairy! They loved wearing the crown!”

“I bought the Potty Fairy book and my 2 year old son loved it ! The drawings are really nice and this " fairy " world is just magic for kids! What a wonderful idea to potty train your kids ! I highly recommend it!”

“The beautiful story and gorgeous illustrations will bring joy and success to your toddler during this important developmental time. These products provide the perfect gentleness necessary for a positive toilet training experience.”

“What a great way to make potty training fun! I loved the story and the beautiful illustrations! This would make an excellent gift for all new parents to help with the potty training process. Thanks for developing this!”

“Love the imagination and creativity that The Potty Fairy can bring to the often difficult task of potty training! Kids thrive on make believe and when you are able to incorporate that into something that is often a difficult task it can be so helpful!! I would highly recommend if for other moms out there in the midst of potty training!”

“Fun, easy way to potty train kids! I will definitely use this to train my youngest this summer!”
“The Potty Fairy is a lovely, creative way to make potty training fun. It will make a great gift for all parents dealing with this stage of their children's development.”

“I love the story! It's such a positive way for young children to go through potty training, which is such a big step for children, but hard for parents as well! Thanks for creating this!”

“Highly recommend this awesome potty training kit! It is a fun and magical way to make potty training enjoyable and fun.”

"The book and song worked perfect for my son... No stress potty training!"


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