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Become a ‘Mompreneur’ and Build Your Own Business!

Stay-at-home moms are experts at juggling multiple tasks, running their households, and ensuring their kids and babies are well cared for. You not only have the title of mom, but of doctor, chef, chauffeur, and playdate extraordinaire! At some point, you may opt to add another title to the list: business owner. There are a variety of home-based business opportunities that allow you to be available to your kids, as well as stretch your entrepreneurial wings! Before you get started, Ask The Potty Fairy presents some ideas, tips, and resources that you should definitely keep in mind!

What to Do?

The internet has greatly expanded business functions that can be done remotely, or with minimal outside-the-home client interaction. You might opt to build on a past career or professional interest, serving in a consulting or freelance capacity. For example, a nurse might work in telemedicine, interacting with patients remotely, while an internet technology pro might build or manage small business networks and troubleshoot computer problems. You might also consider monetizing a hobby – baking unique cakes for special occasions, or making custom scrapbooks.

Additionally, you could purchase an existing business or trademark and make it your own. For example, the Potty Fairy trademark is currently for sale through the US Trademark Exchange (you can learn more about the US Trademark Exchange by clicking here). You could buy this trademark and use it as a foundation for your own business. The important thing is to choose something you enjoy and are good at!

Where to Start?

You’ll want to plan out the steps of your “mompreneur” venture to ensure a successful startup. Get your business license, open a bank account, and put together a detailed business and marketing plan. Hire out services where you can, so you can focus on operation-building fundamentals, like promoting your company and securing your first customers! For example, you might want to hire a designer to build your website or find first-rate virtual assistant services to help you handle administrative tasks. You can find experts via online job platforms. Read reviews and check pricing and turnaround time before hiring someone.

Managing Your Time

Time management is a critical skill for all business owners, and when you’re balancing work and family, it’s important to set boundaries and develop schedules to ensure you’re giving your venture and your family the time each deserves. Create dedicated office space in your home, outfit it with the equipment you need, set firm work hours, and establish reasonable expectations for yourself, and for your clients. Use project management software to track projects and deadlines, and allow yourself a little more time than you think necessary for completing projects – at least initially. The time cushion will help you in the early days!

Managing Work and Family

Everyone dreams of having the perfect work-life balance, and the truth of the matter is, some days are simply better balanced than others, and that’s okay. Be flexible and kind to yourself, and realize that even the best plans can be thrown off track by unexpected events. Secure reliable childcare for times when you need to have your children safely occupied so you can focus on work. There are a variety of childcare options to consider, ranging from in-home care, to centers and nanny services. When you are with your kids, be present with them and not distracted by work functions. This will help you have the best of both worlds.

Running a home-based business can be a great way to be professionally fulfilled, and still be as involved with your children’s everyday lives as you want. Plan in advance, course correct when necessary, and enjoy the ride!

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