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How important is Potty Training Underwear?

Finding the right training underwear that excites your child is one of the most important items to get before starting the process, but sometimes we need to have other options to help bridge the process between diapers and fully trained.

When I first started the The Potty Fairy, I made special homemade Potty Fairy underwear for friends who were potty training their child, thinking this would be a motivational and fun thing for toddlers when potty training.  It really seemed to help! Later on, I purchased potty training type underwear and put a PF on them. I had always assumed kids would use potty training underwear when potty training, but recently I have learned that children who are potty training should wear regular underwear.


What are some good options?

We all like choices and this is true for little children. Choices help us feel motivated and positive about anything that we are getting involved with. When we are preparing to do something challenging, choices helps us feel in control and in charge. Giving your child the choice on what potty training underwear to select will provide that opportunity for your child and will give them some buy-in to start the potty training journey. Bring them shopping and make it a fun time getting what they need. This will be motivating for your child. 

The best tip is that kids love to pick out their very own special potty training underwear and often times pick out a pair that have a special design or character that they can relate to. Besides a potty chair, underwear is the most important thing to purchase prior to beginning the potty training process.

Avoid diaper-like training pants as a child will think they can continue to use them as a diaper! While they are easy, Pull-ups are not helpful in potty training. If your child has an accident, the pull-up doesn't make the child feel wet and they won't feel the consequences of having an accident. For people who prefer the training pant style underwear, there are training underwear that are designed so that the child will feel wet on their skin and uncomfortable, but will keep the child’s clothing from getting wet.

Training pants are different from regular underwear in that they're a bit thicker and will help in case of an accident. If you decide you want to use training pants, the cloth cotton training pants are thicker than regular underwear or panties and there is extra padding in the crotch area where an accident may occur. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs for boys and girls. They're very easy to pull up and down for potty training.

In addition, waterproof pull-on pants can be bought to put over the cloth underwear in case of an accident. The waterproof pull-on pants will help protect your furniture and floors from getting wet when they do have an accident. The waterproof pull-on pants will protect should the child have an accident while on an outing, as well as during the daytime.

Many people have decided that training pants need to be as close to real underwear as possible in order for proper potty training to happen. This means your child should be able to pull them up and down easily. Let your child pick and it will help them want to keep them clean and dry. Child care settings also recommend going straight to regular underwear when you are ready to potty train.

Just remember that underwear is a BIG deal to a child and you want to let them pick them out.

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