• Mary Carlson Pap

Potty Training Girls

Girls are often times considered easier to potty train.  It's possible girls are easier to train because childcare providers prior to kindergarten are often times a female. Much learning occurs by imitation or watching others, and copying the same actions, so girls might have an advantage to the potty training process simply because of the role models around her during her preschool years.

There are gender differences that require a slightly different approach to the toilet training process.  Girls need to learn to be seated when ready to use the potty chair.  When they are done peeing, they need to learn to wipe themselves.  Girls need to learn the proper way to wipe so that not to introduce bacteria into their body which can cause bladder infections.  Girls need to wipe from the front to the back. Sometimes it is easier to have young girls pat themselves dry to avoid transfer of bacteria that can cause bladder infections.

What motivates a girl to use the potty chair? There are some lovely, adorable underwear on the market!  Compare these eye-catching undies to diapers with your daughter. The difference between the two is quite motivating as little girls love to wear cute, adorable things.  

If your daughter is tender hearted, consider telling her that her unused diapers will be collected by The Potty Fairies who will deliver the diapers to babies who need them. The Potty Fairies will leave cute new undies on their bed in return.  Girls tend to like this simple legend and find it motivating to help babies in need of their diapers.

Other fun ideas that have been shared by parents are:

Give your daughter a manicure and a pedicure while sitting on the potty chair. Color with them as they sit as it can be fun and relaxing. Be playful with a favorite stuffed animal or buddy doll while sitting on the chair.Read books. Play with blocks and practice colors. Sing songs.

 Your little girl is moving from a baby in diapers to a young girl in cute undies is quite the accomplishment. Celebrate!

All milestone events in a child’s life are worth doing right and will mean so much to your child’s development.  Her level of confidence and pride will flourish.

Best wishes to your daughter!

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