• Mary Carlson Pap

The Potty Fairy and the 3-Day Method of Potty Training

Every child is unique and different. There are a variety of potty training methods that are available for parents to consider for potty training their child. Aligning a method with the child’s learning style and the child’s family life style are important.

The 3-Day Method of Potty Training is a proven method that has helped many parents with potty training their child. Although this method is quick, it is highly focused on potty training and helps children learn to potty train quickly and efficiently.

Parents will need to find and commit to a 3 day period of time that they can focus on potty training. During this time there should be no distractions at all. This means NO TV, NO electronics, NOTHING that is a distraction from the goal of potty training. For 3 days the only thing happening is potty training.

When the 3-day timeframe is identified, be sure you have all the potty training equipment and supplies that you need before beginning. Let your child know what you will be doing and that you are excited. Make the potty training FUN.

The evening before you will start potty training, have the Potty Fairy leave underwear on your child’s bed at night. In the morning, your child will find the underwear left for them and they will also see that their diapers are gone too. Let your child know that you no longer need diapers and that they have been sent to babies that need them. Now potty and poo belong in the potty chair.

Have your child use the potty chair right away in the morning when they wake up and start your day. Be sure to give your child plenty of fluids and visit the potty chair often so they get lots of practice. Let them know when they need to use the potty chair and make frequent visits.

By now you have likely noticed when they poop during the day. Pay attention to this and make sure you're ready to put them on the potty around this time or watch for cues that they might show. Many kids might hide to poop or go to their rooms or go during play. Give them a breakfast that is rich in fiber. Try providing some activities that they can do when sitting on the potty chair, like blowing bubbles, coloring, painting their nails, looking at books, playing with play dough, or listening to music. Do not rush them. Remember all you are doing is potty training so you do not need to rush anywhere.

Have the Potty Fairy leave rewards here and there when your child is doing well. Make the rewards a surprise! “Catch them” doing well and highlight the learning with a reward.

There will be struggles. Your child may have an accident. Give the accident little attention. Clean them up and remind them that pee and poo go in the potty chair. If your child is discouraged, have the Potty Fairy leave an encouraging note.

At the end of 3 days your child should be well on their way to being potty trained. You may want to have a small celebration. Bake a cake or cookies together. Make your child a fun crown so that they feel special and proud.

Although your child is now potty trained, they still may have accidents. Repeat the above and with each day they will get better at their new potty skills and abilities.

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