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Working From Home With Toddlers or Babies: A Quick Survival Guide

In this post-pandemic world, many are working from home, trying to simultaneously juggle their jobs with caring for their toddlers or babies. While working from home with a baby or toddler also presents a totally new set of challenges, finding that balance is possible. Here are three quick survival tips from Ask The Potty Fairy for working from home while caring for your toddler or baby.

Survival Tip 1: Find Your Working Sweet Spot

The easiest time to work from home with a toddler or baby is, of course, when they’re asleep. Staying up a little later after your toddler goes to bed, even if just for an hour or two, can help you get more significant chunks of work accomplished. If you’re not a night person, consider waking up early. There's actually some research linking early waking with greater productivity. Regardless, waking early with a short but simple routine (think coffee while responding to emails) can be a nice ritual to ground you as you start your day.

Use Naptime

Many toddlers should nap between 1 to 3 hours a day, with babies needing between one and four naps each day. These are key times to not only give your work some undivided attention but also give you the vital breathing space you need to regroup and center yourself.

Survival Tip 2: Set Up a Distraction-Free Workstation

Working from home shouldn’t have to mean you set up residency at the kitchen table for months on end. It’s important for your mental health to create a dedicated workspace, even if that means a simple desk setup in a corner of your living room.

If you’re thinking now is a good time to change your job, consider earning an online degree. You can continue to work from home while doing so, and many programs allow you to work at your own pace so you can maintain a balance. If you're interested in business studies, an online business degree could allow you to develop your acumen in management, marketing, and other areas.

Create a Schedule

Key to surviving working while home with your baby or toddler is creating a schedule. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Your goals can be as simple as dividing your day into periods of work, time with your baby or toddler, meals/snacks, and even potty time. Then, keep the schedule someplace where it’s within sight, making adjustments as needed based on how the day actually flows.

Survival Tip 3: Set Aside Time to Give Your Toddler Undivided Attention

When children have your undivided attention for a period of time, it helps show them they're important as well as increasing their social and emotional well-being. You might find after 15 to 20 minutes of undivided attention that your child is able to play independently for a longer stretch — allowing you to get some work done.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Remember that you alone can prioritize your own self-care. As you navigate the world of working from home, let yourself have the time you need to figure out a schedule and flow that's sustainable for you and your youngster.

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